Angel of the Winds

Closing Cost Incentive

After transitioning from over 20 years in the casino industry, I realized that part of that business will forever be in my blood. I simply couldn't leave that industry behind. Too many connections and relationships were built and established over those 20+ years. Because of that, I want to be able to give back and still partially be apart of that life.


Working in management for so many years instilled a sense, or need to provide assistance. Now being a small business owner, I have found a new way of being able to provide assistance. 

As a benefit for you being an employee of Angel of the Winds Casino, I am offering you a closing cost incentive of up to $2000*. I look forward to assisting with being a part of you finding your dream home!



*$1000 closing credit from me and up to $1000 closing credit for using one of my partnered lenders.

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