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I am not a salesman, I am a small business owner. I take pride in helping people find their perfect home or to sell their home so they can take life's next step. In this age of technology which makes human interaction less frequent, I truly believe that personalized and real communication needs to come back to business relationships. Buying and selling homes is one of the most important financial decisions someone can make. It is not just about the investment, it is about the emotional reward. If I'm not there to go through the highs and lows of real estate with my clients, how can I be the best agent for them? Everyone I work with, I'm there step by step.


You may be thinking, "But Mark, you sell real estate." Not true! I help you sell your home or buy a home. My business is in helping people and I do it because I want to help them take their next step toward owning or selling a home confidently and comfortably. We go on a path of discovery together. I don't need to sell them on their goals, but in fact, they often end up selling me!


Christine, Snohomish

Mark was an excellent find! He busted his tail to get the house up to speed for the appraisal, installing smoke detectors, co detectors, and coming back afterward to repair a gate that had fallen apart between visits. Honestly, he probably did a million other things I'm failing to list here. Basically, if it needed to be done, Mark was on it! He was extremely professional, friendly, and overall excellent to work with. He made the experience extremely wonderful for us and I would be happy to recommend him to anyone on the hunt for a realtor. Could not have gotten luckier getting connected with Mark!

George, Olympia

We hired Mark after researching several realtors and local brokerages. Mark is supported by a great team at Re/Max Town Center (Mill Creek) and that team was able to put together a professionally compelling representation of our property. Their interactive online advertising was especially  impressive. Mark has incredible people skills and also knows the local housing market. While we prepared the house for sale, he worked with us to identify the benefits of our specific neighborhood and studied local comps extensively to arrive at an accurate listing. He also did a great job of staging the house and because we were entering a softer market, he remained tenacious by holding several open houses that eventually led to a solid sale. We were very impressed with Mark and wouldn't hesitate to use him again

Leyla, Bothell

Mark was the listing agent on a property. We liked his unassuming and gracious manners right away so asked him to represent us as buyers. He was very responsive, followed-up promptly,on tasks, and was always available to meet with us and our contractors at the listing. Mark is knowledgeable and NOT the pushy aggressive salesman-type. We highly recommend Mark!


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